The faceoff between Poilievre and Trudeau will be one for the history books – TVO Today, September 12, 2022

More moderate, “common sense Tories” (as Tasha Kheiriddin calls them in her new book, The Right Path) have told Poilievre he can’t become prime minister by playing footsie with the convoy crowd.

Maybe. But to see Poilievre’s growth — both personally and as a campaigner — over the past many months is to see one of the truly fascinating developments in Canadian politics of the past decade.

Poilievre seems to have created the movement that Maxime Bernier thought he could put together when he won 49.05 per cent of the points at the 2017 leadership election. After failing to win that prize, Bernier quit the CPC and set up his own People’s Party; he hasn’t come close to winning a seat since.

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