How Conservatives can Unite, Inspire and Take Canada Forward

Tasha Kheiriddin


The Right Path offers a roadmap to the Conservative Party of Canada to win the next election, and the elections beyond that. It traces the twin arcs of populism and conservatism in Canadian politics and analyzes their appeal in 2022 to three key sets of voters: New Canadians, urban and suburban voters, and Millenials and Gen Z. Based on research, data, and interviews, it prescribes how the Party can get these voters onside and build a big tent that both respects its principles and address today’s issues including immigration, inflation, housing, the gig economy, woke culture, the environment, energy policy, reconciliation, and more. The Right Path concludes with a bold vision for Canada that can change the conversation from one of pandemic strife and anger to a positive, forward looking, patriotic plan for the future, to chart the right path and inspire, unite and take Canada forward.

by Tasha Kheiriddin
Foreword by Lisa MacCormack Raitt

PRAISE for The Right Path

“I have been around Conservative politics all my life. In the 1980s, I formed two back-to-back majority governments with a diverse, progressive Conservative coalition representing all parts of the country. We made tough decisions grounded in evidence-based public policy on the economy, the environment, human rights, and the implementation of the GST. We made Canada competitive and set up the opportunity to balance the budget. Right now, our country needs a strong Conservative leader who can rebuild such a coalition and take Tasha Kheiriddin’s astute analysis of new voter trends to reach those constituencies to win the next general election.”

—Brian Mulroney, eighteenth prime minister of Canada

“Starting with a frank, honest, and articulate review of where Canadian conservatism is today and how it got there, Tasha Kheiriddin quickly pivots and outlines a compelling opportunity for the future built on a foundation of hope, growth, and opportunity. This is a refreshing and uplifting work from a leading conservative thinker and down-in-the-trenches activist who sees the bigger picture and knows what it takes to get things done.”

—Rick Peterson, founder of Peterson Capital

“A very astute observation of the evolution of the conservative cause in Canada by an ardent, committed Conservative.”

—Gerry St. Germain, former senator and member of Parliament

“In this era of political division—between the Left and the Right, between the woke and the ‘deplorables’—long-time Conservative Party activist Tasha Kheiriddin courageously wades into the fray, offering a common-sense solution for the future political success of a revitalized Conservative Party of Canada. For those looking for a political home, this is a must-read.”

—Janet Ecker, former member of the Ontario legislature

“Tasha Kheiriddin has been involved in the conservative movement for over thirty years. Her unique perspective on what it will take to win over cities and towns that were once bedrocks for Conservatives is a must-read for every Conservative activist and anyone who cares about Canada having a strong democracy.”

—Walied Soliman, lawyer and philanthropist

The Right Path is a compelling read, carefully constructed by Tasha Kheiriddin. Her ability to analyze the political landscape and story-tell is unique. She asks the existential question: What is conservatism? By the end of the book, you’ll have the answer—and it may be different than you expected. If you’re a politico, this is a must-read.”

—Vonny Sweetland, writer and political organizer

The Right Path


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