What path should the Conservatives take? / Michael Taube on TroyMedia, August 2, 2022

The Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race is heading into the home stretch. Once the dust settles after the ballots are counted on Sept. 10, the new leader must focus on defeating Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and deciding the right path for Conservatives to take.

Tasha Kheiriddin, a lawyer, columnist and principal at Navigator Ltd., tackles this difficult subject in The Right Path: How Conservatives Can Unite, Inspire and Take Canada Forward.

She’s concerned by the party’s recent political direction, which she perceives as a “new division along class lines … one that cannot readily be repaired by compromise.”

The battle between Convoy Conservatives and Club Conservatives, as she depicts them, has led to a “new divide” between people and elites. This has caused tense feelings, frustration, and bitterness and left “political orphans” like Red Tories, Blue Liberals and “Common Sense Canadians” out in the cold.

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