The Right Path for New Canadians

In my most recent book, The Right Path: How Conservatives Can Unite, Inspire and Take Canada Forward, I offer a roadmap to the Conservative Party of Canada to win the next election and elections well into the years beyond. I analyze the party’s current appeal and propose the best approach for the party to succeed by seeking the support of three crucial voter groups including New Canadians, urban and suburban dwellers, and Millennials / Generation Z.

Canada has always been a country of immigrants, and that will be even more true in the years to come. Today, one in five Canadians was born somewhere else; by 2036, that number is predicted to rise to three in ten. The govern-ment’s 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan sets a target of 1 percent of Canada’s population, equal to a growth of 431,645 permanent residents in 2022, 447,055 in 2023, and 451,000 in 2024. Many business leaders have also signed on to the Century Initiative, which seeks to increase Canada’s population to one hundred million by the year 2100.

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